BadAss is an homage to iconic artists and musicians, who, in Turk’s eyes, have been fearless in the pursuit of their personal truth.


The Graffiti collection portrays the storied layers of one's own life, combining the reciprocal relationship of past and present energy as a visual history. Like graffiti in an urban landscape, it depicts the uncertainty of what deteriorates and what triumphs over the test of time.

Noir Paris

Noir Paris embraces the mysterious and evocative allure of Paris. It speaks to and represents the darker side of the soul and is a poignant reminder of the passing of time.


Paris is a colorful luminescent expression of the bright and contented side of the city divided by The Seine. This collection is the reflection of the soulful romance and charm that is “The City of Light”. Created in historical Parisian cafés, Turk endeavors to channel the history of the great artists before her.

Love Letters

Love Letters is a manifestation of expressive gratitude and recognition stemming from an array of inspiration including people, indelible places and moments in life.


Femme is an encompassment of emotional portraits that capture and express the soulful essence of femininity. Historically influenced contour line drawings of the female form lend softness and elegance to an otherwise striking and bold energy exuded by the female spirit.